Victorian Government Solar Rebate 2019 – Everything You Need To Know

The Victorian Government has recently announced the Solar Rebate initiative will be back on 1st October 2019 following a huge response to the re-release of the program in September 2019. They’ve also confirmed that rebates will now be released fortnightly, instead of monthly – meaning more people, who are eligible for the rebate, can get solar installed ahead of the summer season. Here’s everything you need to know about the rebate ahead of the first October release.

Under the initiative, homeowners can receive a rebate of up to $2,225 for solar panel system installation.

If you live in a Victorian household and meet the below criteria, you are eligible for the rebate:

  • You are the owner-occupier of the property (note that homeowners and rental properties are now eligible)
  • You have a combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 per year
  • Your property is an existing property, valued under $3 million
  • If you currently have a solar panel system that was installed prior to 1 November 2009, you could be eligible to replace or expand your existing system

Solar energy is clean, renewable and free and Australia provides the perfect climate for it. What’s not to love about saving the earth’s natural resources and reducing your energy bills at the same time? As a typical household, you can expect to save up to $890 per year on your electricity bills with solar panels (

Green Sky Australia has Approved Solar Retailer (ASR) status and therefore is a Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved retailer. This means you can have peace of mind knowing we are a trusted, authorised partner and will take care of all the required steps when claiming. Once we confirm that you’re eligible, we will claim the rebate on your behalf and deduct the rebate amount from the cost of your system.

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If you’re confident you fit the criteria above and want to find out more about how solar might benefit your household, contact us at Green Sky Australia (CEC approved) on 03 9770 8780 or We’d be more than happy to arrange a quote or simply answer any questions you might have.