Solar Energy Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

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As electricity bills are getting opened in households around the country, many Australians will certainly be getting a shock (pardon the pun). But before we go making accusations to our partners about who has been leaving the lights on in the bathroom again, we are to be reminded of the July energy price updates that have taken affect. While energy companies re-evaluate their energy tariffs each year depending on a variety of factors, this latest change has seen a sharp rise on previous price hikes.

So, what are we to do? If you’re looking for an affordable alternative that doesn’t involve a household lighting scheme of tealight candles and cooking over an open fire, then there is no better time to install a solar power system.

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why!

It’s affordable.

When the word solar was first being thrown around as an energy option to the everyday consumer, even the more environmentally savvy would balk once seeing the price of installation. However, installing a solar system is the most affordable it’s ever been. In the last 5 years alone the price has dropped by over 80%

Not only that, but the Government actually rewards those choosing a renewable source of energy to power their homes. The current generous rebate means the cost of a system is similar to that of many other household goods and appliances. There are also now many low to interest free finance options available that were unheard of for green energy solutions a decade ago.

Low maintenance.

Worried about the cost of upkeep for solar panels? Fear not, solar panel systems are incredibly durable! Once installed, a solar power system will require little or no maintenance at all. The system will provide electricity quietly and cleanly for 25 to 40 years. In the event that something does go wrong, your solar system components have long warranties that would cover replacement and repair costs!

No running fees… yes please!

When you combine this with the fact there are no running fees, you can monitor and optimize your consumption with the touch of a button, and a solar powered energy system will provide instant market value to a property, then you have one solid Return on Investment!

So, not only are you helping to reduce your electricity bills, but also your carbon footprint on our planet. An initial financial outlay for solar power is an investment, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth
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