Save Energy This Summer With Green Sky!

With temperatures tipping the barometer well into the 40’s across the country this Month, many of us will notice a similar spike in their electricity bills. Instead of sweltering through the heat, many of us hit the aircon to 18, and take shelter inside. But there are more energy efficient ways to ensure you, and your house, stay cool while the air-conditioning is running this Summer!

1. TURN APPLIANCES OFF AT THE POWERPOINT – Did you know that appliances in standby mode are still using electricity? Switch them off at the powerpoint to save!

2. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! – Are you the sort of person who turns a light on and the leaves the room? Make a habit to switch off any lights not in use, and you will save valuable money.

3. KEEP THE DIAL AT 24 DEGREES – When running your aircon, this is the optimal temperature. Each degree cooler uses about 10% more energy.

4. SWAP OUT YOUR LIGHTBULBS FOR LEDS – LEDs use far less electricity than regular bulbs – and they last longer before needing to be changed.

5. AVOID USING THE DRYER IN SUMMER – The sun is your dryer! Take the opportunity to hang your clothes outside during the Summer months. Not only is it good for your clothes and keeps them smelling fresh, but it only takes about 40 minutes for them to dry in the Sun.

6. MAKE USE OF YOUR TIMERS – Rather than sleep with the air conditioner on all night, set the timer to turn off after 2 hours.

7. CLOSE THE BLINDS – Close the blinds in your house during the day when you’re at work to keep the heat out, and open up the house when the temperature drops for a natural cool air.

8. INVEST IN SOLAR – A solar power system requires little to no running fees after they are installed. You can also monitor and optimise your consumption, and a solar powered energy system will provide instant market value to your property.


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