Get Busy Getting Solar for Your Business

We are full of fun energy facts here at Green Sky, but this one might knock your socks off! Did you know that if South Australia were its own country, it would have the highest power costs in the OECD? And the rest of Australia isn’t far behind! With a record number of installations in January, the message is catching on. And business owners shouldn’t miss out! Sufficient sunlight falls on Australia to supply the nation’s total energy needs many times over. By installing solar panels, the business owners are able to capture some of this abundant energy.

Solar power is the easiest way for people to cut their electricity bills down to something affordable, allowing your money to be spent on more important things – like growing your business. Not sold? Let us convince you.

  1. It’s good for the environment.

Unlike conventional power, solar produces no harmful emissions that hurt the environment. It’s a clean, renewable process that uses the most natural of all resources: the sun.

  1. It’s a solid Return on Investment.

Any good business owner is always looking at ROI. Solar panels aren’t an expense – they’re one of the best ways to invest. Thanks to substantial electricity bill savings, you will pay off your system within a few years, and continue to save for many years after that.

  1. No capital? No problem.

We work with the best in the finance business, Brighte Finance. From solar panels to batteries, air conditioning to lighting, Brighte have got you covered with their 0% interest payment plans*, available up to $30,000, with repayment terms up to 60 months#.

  1. It’s a great marketing tactic!

As Australian’s become more environmentally conscious, many potential clients look at the businesses they’re working with to make sure their values align. Promoting your business as a supporter of sustainable energy is an excellent marketing tool.

Installing solar power is only getting cheaper and cheaper, while power prices from traditional sources are only go up – so it makes sense to make the jump to solar generation as soon as possible before you lose thousands more on power bills.
Solar not only provides cheap reliable power, it is also an excellent way to make yourself a more sustainable, greener business too.

It makes more sense than ever to start saving with solar. You, your customers and your business will be better off for it. Ready to make the switch to solar? Contact Green Sky for a quote today.