Air Conditioning

In Australia we experience some of the harshest conditions and temperature extremes on earth.

Soaring summer temperatures and freezing winter chills. Air Conditioning is an excellent way to add much needed comfort to your home or place of business.

At Green Sky we specialise in Fully Ducted and Split System Air Conditioners. All of our systems are reverse-cycle (cooling and heating), to provide you year-round comfort.

In addition to cooling or heating, air conditioners are excellent at removing moisture from the air, which is great news for those of us living in humid conditions.

Ducted Systems

Ducted systems are the best option when you want to Air Condition multiple rooms or an entire home or office.

Ducted systems offer the most flexibility, through the use of Zones, which allow you to turn different rooms/areas on or off.

Split Systems

Split Systems, on the other hand, are designed to air condition single rooms/areas.

This makes them a great option for those on a tight budget. Air Condition the Living Room this year, and the kids bedrooms the next!

The small downside with Splits is that they require an indoor ‘Head’ (fan) unit mounted on the internal wall, and each Split System has its own Outdoor Unit (multiple Splits means multiple Outdoor Units).

Cool in Summer. Warm in Winter. Ask Us How.

Speak with the team at Green Sky about the best solution for your home or business. We offer a full on-site measure and assessment, to determine the most suitable system for your needs.

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Partners & Suppliers

We recommend and install a number of excellent brands like the Australian made ActronAir, Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and more. Most importantly, we are not locked-in to using any one brand. With a wide choice of brands and systems, we will work with you to achieve the best outcome for your situation and budget.

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