A brief history

Green Sky Australia was established in 2008 by an electrician with a passion for renewable energy.

In March 2021, Green Sky Australia entered a new era with Matt Slutzkin taking over the company. Matt brings renewed energy (pun intended!) to Green Sky Australia and loves helping people find the perfect solar PV system that matches their requirements and energy usage.

We have been around for over 13 years, and we are only just getting started!

Our Mission

We are committed to a green future through energy creation & energy efficiency. We want to leave our mark on the planet by helping as many people as possible to NOT leave a mark on the planet. How? By helping them reduce their reliance on dirty energy with the most suitable solar and battery solution for their situation.

Our Values

We know that there are lots of choices for your solar and battery system. However, we put our customer’s needs and requirements ahead of our own, even if that means losing a sale. Furthermore, we only work with the best quality products, we only use qualified, experienced installers, and we stand by our excellent reputation. Our formula is simple: great people, quality products and a top level service, equals happy customers!