2018: The Year of the Battery

This year is shaping up to be the year of home battery storage solutions! Battery storage is the next big thing in renewable energy. First came solar, helping people to harness the power of the sun and lower their utility bills; now batteries and inverters are letting homeowners avoid peak, high-cost energy costs.


We aren’t ‘off the grid’, why is a battery still beneficial?

For the everyday homeowner who is connected to the energy grid, a battery bank is still a great way to significantly decrease total dependence on the grid for your PV system’s backup.


One of the best ways to put a solar PV system with battery backup to good use is to charge up the batteries during peak photovoltaic times and then use the stored electricity when the sun is down. The result is less dependence on power provided by your energy company (and the monthly bill that comes with it!) People consuming energy from their local energy supplier during “peak times,” usually between 4AM and 10PM, pay higher rates for that energy usage than when consuming energy during non-peak hours. A consumer with a battery bank can feed off their batteries during those peak times and avoid paying the higher utility rates.


I am already paying an upfront cost for a solar PV system, is it worth the extra investment?


Residential solar PV systems come with big upfront costs that consumers intend to pay off over time by avoiding high utility rates and, in some cases, receiving payment for electricity generated by the PV system and placed into the utility’s grid. But what if the utility rules or rates change? A battery backup can help protect that upfront investment when the payoff rules and rates change to the homeowner’s disadvantage.


Many homeowners want the security of knowing they can supply a day or two of electricity without relying on generation from their panels or their local utility. They can detect grid outages and automatically becomes your home’s main energy source (ensuring there is always Wi-Fi available for the latest seasons of your favourite Netflix shows, and no thawed fridges!)

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