Get Busy Getting Solar for Your Business

We are full of fun energy facts here at Green Sky, but this one might knock your socks off! Did you know that if South Australia were its own country, it would have the highest power costs in the OECD? And the rest of Australia isn’t far behind! With a record number of installations in January, the message is catching on. And business owners shouldn’t miss out! Sufficient sunlight falls on Australia to supply the nation’s total energy needs many times over. By installing solar panels, the business owners are able to capture some of this abundant energy.

Solar power is the easiest way for people to cut their electricity bills down to something affordable, allowing your money to be spent on more important things – like growing your business. Not sold? Let us convince you.

  1. It’s good for the environment.

Unlike conventional power, solar produces no harmful emissions that hurt the environment. It’s a clean, renewable process that uses the most natural of all resources: the sun.

  1. It’s a solid Return on Investment.

Any good business owner is always looking at ROI. Solar panels aren’t an expense – they’re one of the best ways to invest. Thanks to substantial electricity bill savings, you will pay off your system within a few years, and continue to save for many years after that.

  1. No capital? No problem.

We work with the best in the finance business, Brighte Finance. From solar panels to batteries, air conditioning to lighting, Brighte have got you covered with their 0% interest payment plans*, available up to $30,000, with repayment terms up to 60 months#.

  1. It’s a great marketing tactic!

As Australian’s become more environmentally conscious, many potential clients look at the businesses they’re working with to make sure their values align. Promoting your business as a supporter of sustainable energy is an excellent marketing tool.

Installing solar power is only getting cheaper and cheaper, while power prices from traditional sources are only go up – so it makes sense to make the jump to solar generation as soon as possible before you lose thousands more on power bills.
Solar not only provides cheap reliable power, it is also an excellent way to make yourself a more sustainable, greener business too.

It makes more sense than ever to start saving with solar. You, your customers and your business will be better off for it. Ready to make the switch to solar? Contact Green Sky for a quote today.

2018: The Year of the Battery

This year is shaping up to be the year of home battery storage solutions! Battery storage is the next big thing in renewable energy. First came solar, helping people to harness the power of the sun and lower their utility bills; now batteries and inverters are letting homeowners avoid peak, high-cost energy costs.


We aren’t ‘off the grid’, why is a battery still beneficial?

For the everyday homeowner who is connected to the energy grid, a battery bank is still a great way to significantly decrease total dependence on the grid for your PV system’s backup.


One of the best ways to put a solar PV system with battery backup to good use is to charge up the batteries during peak photovoltaic times and then use the stored electricity when the sun is down. The result is less dependence on power provided by your energy company (and the monthly bill that comes with it!) People consuming energy from their local energy supplier during “peak times,” usually between 4AM and 10PM, pay higher rates for that energy usage than when consuming energy during non-peak hours. A consumer with a battery bank can feed off their batteries during those peak times and avoid paying the higher utility rates.


I am already paying an upfront cost for a solar PV system, is it worth the extra investment?


Residential solar PV systems come with big upfront costs that consumers intend to pay off over time by avoiding high utility rates and, in some cases, receiving payment for electricity generated by the PV system and placed into the utility’s grid. But what if the utility rules or rates change? A battery backup can help protect that upfront investment when the payoff rules and rates change to the homeowner’s disadvantage.


Many homeowners want the security of knowing they can supply a day or two of electricity without relying on generation from their panels or their local utility. They can detect grid outages and automatically becomes your home’s main energy source (ensuring there is always Wi-Fi available for the latest seasons of your favourite Netflix shows, and no thawed fridges!)

Want to discuss battery solutions further, or get a quote? Contact us today!

Save Energy This Summer With Green Sky!

With temperatures tipping the barometer well into the 40’s across the country this Month, many of us will notice a similar spike in their electricity bills. Instead of sweltering through the heat, many of us hit the aircon to 18, and take shelter inside. But there are more energy efficient ways to ensure you, and your house, stay cool while the air-conditioning is running this Summer!

1. TURN APPLIANCES OFF AT THE POWERPOINT – Did you know that appliances in standby mode are still using electricity? Switch them off at the powerpoint to save!

2. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! – Are you the sort of person who turns a light on and the leaves the room? Make a habit to switch off any lights not in use, and you will save valuable money.

3. KEEP THE DIAL AT 24 DEGREES – When running your aircon, this is the optimal temperature. Each degree cooler uses about 10% more energy.

4. SWAP OUT YOUR LIGHTBULBS FOR LEDS – LEDs use far less electricity than regular bulbs – and they last longer before needing to be changed.

5. AVOID USING THE DRYER IN SUMMER – The sun is your dryer! Take the opportunity to hang your clothes outside during the Summer months. Not only is it good for your clothes and keeps them smelling fresh, but it only takes about 40 minutes for them to dry in the Sun.

6. MAKE USE OF YOUR TIMERS – Rather than sleep with the air conditioner on all night, set the timer to turn off after 2 hours.

7. CLOSE THE BLINDS – Close the blinds in your house during the day when you’re at work to keep the heat out, and open up the house when the temperature drops for a natural cool air.

8. INVEST IN SOLAR – A solar power system requires little to no running fees after they are installed. You can also monitor and optimise your consumption, and a solar powered energy system will provide instant market value to your property.


You can contact the team at Green Sky for all your air-conditioning or solar needs on (03) 9770 8780 or via

The Evolution of a (Solar) Cell

Every second our sun produces enough energy to sustain the Earth’s needs for 500,000 years! But how do we harness this power? Through the use of the incredible and innovate solar panel systems, of course! But how do they work… and where did they come from?

The History

The actual science behind solar power comes from way back, when in 1839 Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect. For those of you playing at home, this effect explains how electricity can be generated from sunlight. He claimed that “shining light on an electrode submerged in a conductive solution would create an electric current.” And he was right!

The Development

Over the course of the next century, various inventors developed the first working solar cells, and further innovation would come in the wake of Einstein’s momentous discoveries in 1905 regarding the underlying mechanisms of the photoelectric effect. This new knowledge enabled Bell Labs to produce the first modern solar cell in 1954. While this project pioneered solar energy technology as we know it today, it was terribly inefficient. It cost $250 to generate a mere 1 watt of electricity, compared to $2 – $3 per watt from coal plants of the time.

The How

The extensive history from many great scientists and electrical experts have helped evolve this idea of converting the sunlight into energy, into the solar cells we use today. A solar system works when photons hit a solar cell, knocking electrons loose from their atoms. If conductors are attached to the positive and negative sides of a cell, it forms an electrical circuit. When electrons flow through such a circuit, they generate electricity. Multiple cells make up a solar panel, and multiple panels (modules) can be wired together to form a solar array. The more panels you can deploy, the more energy you can expect to generate!

The Now

Today, the advancements in solar have seen the cost drop dramatically, with efficiency increasing. With electricity bills sky-rocketing around the country, by comparison solar power has little to no running costs or maintenance, and will provide clean energy for years to come.

The Future

The future is already here! Modern systems provide you solar, storage, and powerful monitoring software, allowing you to control and monitor your consumption from your smart phone. They’re built to work together, with continuous, seamless communication, for a fully integrated system that’s far more than solar – it’s a connected home. But looking ahead? The next stage for solar in Australia is the use of batteries to store your power. This is because you are financially better off storing the energy for later use, rather than selling it back to the grid at a low feed in rate.


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The Key to a Brighte-r Future


Here at Green Sky we are committed to a green future through energy creation and energy efficiency. Our team of highly trained electricians are passionate about providing sustainable solar systems to homes, offices, commercial buildings, and government projects. That is why it is extremely exciting to have joined forces with an equally passionate company to help make it easy to create your energy efficient home.

With a plethora of awards and news features under their belts, it’s easy to see why they’re the best in the business. Brighte is powered by a diverse team of inspired, innovative and genuine people that are looking to change the world, one roof at a time. Just as we do, Brighte believe that every family deserves access to an eco-friendly home. Their core belief is that families deserve an affordable way to pay for a more sustainable and economic future. As companies we want families to invest in their homes, to live more comfortable lives and to feel empowered in their decisions!

From solar panels to batteries, air conditioning to lighting, Brighte have got you covered with their 0% interest payment plans*, available up to $30,000, with repayment terms up to 60 months#.

With energy prices soaring this year, with no sign of lowering again in the future, now is the perfect time to consider your options and install a solar power system. Once installed, a solar power system will require little or no maintenance at all, has no running fees, you can monitor and optimize your consumption with the touch of a button, and a solar powered energy system will provide instant market value to a property.

Oh, and did we mention you won’t have a power bill ever again?

Are you ready to invest in your future? You can check out our friends at Brighte here.



It’s Easy Being Green!

In our previous blog post we highlighted the environmental and financial benefits of solar power including reducing your energy costs, your carbon footprint and your maintenance costs & downtime.

So, if you have now decided to take the plunge, you may be concerned about the installation process involved in completely overhauling your home’s electrical supply system. Where does one even begin!?

Luckily, here at Green Sky we like to make planning and implementing your new solar power system as smooth and cost effective as possible. Unlike some competitors, our focus is not on getting the most money out of you, it is on delivering the result that you require!

To provide some insight and clarity into the process involved, we have highlighted the key steps to turning your house into an environmentally friendly home.

Site visit

Our staff will visit and evaluate your property to consider system size, roof type, angle of roof and shading. Measurements and assessments will be taken to establish whether the building is structurally sound.

Here we will discuss your options for a system and choose what is best suited for both your home and budget!

Permits and documents

In most cases in Victoria, a planning permit is not required to install a solar energy system that primarily services the land on which it is situated. The exceptions to this are when:

  • Your property is affected by heritage overlay, and;
  • The solar panels are visible from the street (not a lane), or visible from a public park.

While each state has its own laws, Victorian residents can head to the link here ( to help determine if a planning permit is required for installation of solar energy systems and if solar installation is suitable for your building or site.

Pre-approval is required from your electrical distributor, we organise all this for you.

Solar panel installation

The actual installation is an exciting day for every solar homeowner. Your solar installer will start by prepping your roof and making sure the shingles or tiles are properly attached. Then, they put in electrical wiring that will connect to your electrical panel and general power system.

After the electrical wiring is complete, they will install racking to support your panels (this is the only piece of equipment that will actually be attached to your roof). Once the racking is level and safely attached, the panels are placed onto the racking. Finally, your inverters are connected to the panels!

Flip the switch

And then it’s time to turn your eco-friendly power onto the grid! Our technicians will run you through your system, ensuring you feel comfortable.

While the entire process can take anywhere from 1-3 months depending on permits, ordering equipment, and time of year, at Green Sky we take control of all the ground work. This means all you have to do is sit back and watch your reduced energy bills come in, while knowing you’re contributing to a sustainable future for our planet!


Interested in getting started? Contact our friendly team of experts today by emailing us at: or calling us on: (03) 9770 8780.

Solar Energy Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

Green Sky | Solar | Blog

As electricity bills are getting opened in households around the country, many Australians will certainly be getting a shock (pardon the pun). But before we go making accusations to our partners about who has been leaving the lights on in the bathroom again, we are to be reminded of the July energy price updates that have taken affect. While energy companies re-evaluate their energy tariffs each year depending on a variety of factors, this latest change has seen a sharp rise on previous price hikes.

So, what are we to do? If you’re looking for an affordable alternative that doesn’t involve a household lighting scheme of tealight candles and cooking over an open fire, then there is no better time to install a solar power system.

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why!

It’s affordable.

When the word solar was first being thrown around as an energy option to the everyday consumer, even the more environmentally savvy would balk once seeing the price of installation. However, installing a solar system is the most affordable it’s ever been. In the last 5 years alone the price has dropped by over 80%

Not only that, but the Government actually rewards those choosing a renewable source of energy to power their homes. The current generous rebate means the cost of a system is similar to that of many other household goods and appliances. There are also now many low to interest free finance options available that were unheard of for green energy solutions a decade ago.

Low maintenance.

Worried about the cost of upkeep for solar panels? Fear not, solar panel systems are incredibly durable! Once installed, a solar power system will require little or no maintenance at all. The system will provide electricity quietly and cleanly for 25 to 40 years. In the event that something does go wrong, your solar system components have long warranties that would cover replacement and repair costs!

No running fees… yes please!

When you combine this with the fact there are no running fees, you can monitor and optimize your consumption with the touch of a button, and a solar powered energy system will provide instant market value to a property, then you have one solid Return on Investment!

So, not only are you helping to reduce your electricity bills, but also your carbon footprint on our planet. An initial financial outlay for solar power is an investment, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth
Ready to make the switch to solar? Contact us today.