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The Evolution of a (Solar) Cell

Every second our sun produces enough energy to sustain the Earth’s needs for 500,000 years! But how do we harness this power? Through the use of the incredible and innovate solar panel systems, of course! But how do they work… and where did they come from? The History The actual science behind solar power comes […]

The Key to a Brighte-r Future

  Here at Green Sky we are committed to a green future through energy creation and energy efficiency. Our team of highly trained electricians are passionate about providing sustainable solar systems to homes, offices, commercial buildings, and government projects. That is why it is extremely exciting to have joined forces with an equally passionate company […]

It’s Easy Being Green!

In our previous blog post we highlighted the environmental and financial benefits of solar power including reducing your energy costs, your carbon footprint and your maintenance costs & downtime. So, if you have now decided to take the plunge, you may be concerned about the installation process involved in completely overhauling your home’s electrical supply […]